Questions about D4O Götterdämmerung

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Questions about D4O Götterdämmerung

Beitragvon Donnieclark » Mo 6. Nov 2017, 13:54

from me a few questions about D4O Götterdämmerung, which you can possibly put in the FAQ or so Is the version completely independent, or based on PPS / FZ? So what will it be about content, client etc? Is it planned that this version will offer both FZ content and PPS content? (Chronland, marshes, quests, souls of awakening, other things that have cost years of development, etc.) If not, what will make this version palatable to others? (So ​​far, there is also a strong imbalance between PPS and FZ, that could be synonymous fear there?) And last but not least, how exactly can one understand that the focus of development will be on Götterdämmerung and "The other two server versions will continue to run in the medium term" as it is "."? (So ​​because of so many still touted features and the glorious future of PPS, which was called just recently, etc ..) -> Is it planned that PPS and FZ "in the distant future" will not be patched anymore and only after Gotterdammerung continues?

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